Give, Get, or Get Off
Friday, 30 January 2015 21:58

According to a recent study by BoardSource, the old adage, “give, get, or get off,” still holds true. While board members have increased their individual giving, there is room to improve.  The report, “Leading With Intent,” gathered feedback from 850 chief executives and 246 board chairs.  When asked to grade their boards, boards earned a 2.65 or B- average with both chief executives and board chairs giving boards just a C in fundraising.

At kultivate, we agree, there is work to do.


Board giving campaigns are on the rise for many non-profits, though most organizations still do not experience 100% board support.  Giving is not enough.  Board members must leverage their position as a board member to garner support for the organization, and “getting” is still the most significant challenge (and shortfall) for most non-profit organizations today.  Perhaps board members are uncomfortable asking their colleagues and peers for money, or perhaps the expectation for board members to fundraise hasn’t been made clear.


At kultivate, we understand.

Donor relationships don’t just happen overnight and most relationships come from board members.  Despite these facts, most boards who embark on a giving campaign anticipate immediate results and few (less than 25% in most cases) engage in meeting with donors, or making the actual ask.

At kultivate, we are here to help.

Our team is prepared to help your organization develop a giving campaign that meets your needs.  We will help you and your board develop strategies to identify potential donors; create scripts to relieve “discomfort” in donor meetings and when it’s time to “make the ask;” and produce drafts for donor acknowledgement and continued contact.  To get started, call a member of our team today.

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