Krisp Communications is now kultivate
Thursday, 31 July 2014 14:42

“We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves” – author Lynn Hall.

Thirteen years ago Krisp Communications was born from a simple mission: not being afraid to say, “Yes, I can do that.”



The Krisp Communications name was created to convey the services being offered while also incorporating my name. At the time, we were primarily communication focused. When friends and family teased me about the similarity to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I joked back that I would bring a dozen to new client meetings.

The Krisp Communications logo was a gift from a graphic artist my husband Brian knew. Over the years we have had fun with the dots in the Krisp Communications logo, turning them into snowflakes in the winter months or olives for our anniversary invitations.

When Brian left Krisp Communications earlier this year for an amazing opportunity to become the executive director of the Pottstown Area Seniors’ Center it was the perfect opportunity to rebrand Krisp Communications. 

This decision was not easy. The Krisp Communications brand is more than simply a logo, an image, or words on my website. It is the embodiment of my commitment to the lasting success of my clients, and of my promise to deliver forward-looking communication and fund development services.  However, Krisp Communications no longer truly represents the services I offer which have expanded to include fund development, strategic planning, and board trainings.

As of August 1, Krisp Communications will become kultivate. Some of you know the name because it has enjoyed a long incubation process to get it just right. kultivate was chosen because it represents what I believe to be the foundation of all communication and fund development activities – the cultivation of relationships. It also maintains the connection to our original name in a nod to our roots.

While the name of my company, my logo, and my website has changed, I can assure you that what hasn’t changed is my commitment to my clients and to the nonprofit sector.  I will continue to bring experience, integrity and quality to every project.  As I formally launch kultivate, I would like to thank my clients (past and present), as well as my supporters and cheerleaders – I am grateful every day for the relationships I have cultivated throughout the nonprofit community.

Wishing you a safe and memorable summer!


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