Elections and Nonprofit Innovation
Friday, 13 January 2012 18:05

As competition for resources, such as donor dollars and volunteers, increases, nonprofits are looking for new models of providing services and new ways of fulfilling their missions.  Is your organization considering new models of volunteerism, new partnerships and collaborations, new channels for fundraising?  Are you presenting your donors with the same old fundraising letter, or are you emphasizing not only the stories of your clients, but highlighting the other benefits you provide to your community? Do you understand the full scope of the impact your organization, and the nonprofits in your area as a whole, have on your community? In other words - are you open to innovative ways to partnering with government, and/or other nonprofits to bring jobs to the community and to enhance every aspect of your organization?

Here is an excellent article by Robert Egger on new models of public-private cooperation and the potential economic impact:


Will we elect leaders that share our vision?


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